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Central Library

The central library has a collection of books, journals, News papers and Magazines. It has more then 80, 039 books, some are costly and rare books, some only text books and reference books. All are numbered and arranged in steel book shelves, subject wise in such a manner that there are no difficulties in packing them up. This library is ment for student who are unable to purchase text books, thus their poverty does not stand in their way during studies. Very rare and costly books other then text are also available which nobody can purchase all of them. Thus all the students rich and poor can make use of them. The central library has a big reading hall where students utilize leisure hours by reading books according to their taste. In this way it widens their knowledge with new ideas and thoughts.
Apart from books, 10 newspapers, 8 scientific journals, and 20 magazines in hindi and English are subscribed for, by which students improved their knowledge, keep in touch with the out side world and update their knowledge on current affairs Thus does not remain a frog in the well. Our library is a calm and quite place where silence reign is supreme. Besides the library room is a staff and research scholars get deeply absorbed in their studies, busy talking notes from the books and journals before them, where silence is infectious and persons in the habit of talking feel shy of breaking it and restrain their habit of gossip.